Can there be a Position Error depending on Responsive mode?


When the tag’s responsive mode is turned off, there is an error of about 5 meters from the actual position.
Then when the responsive mode is turned on, it returns to the actual position.

after, If I turn off responsive mode again, tags return to the error position in 5meters.
Is this a normal reaction?

Hi @yhyun49,

no, that is not an expected behaviour. Can you please provide details about your installation? (how many Anchors, position of Anchors, how many Tags, what is the configuration of the Tags, …).

Please send also example output of the ‘les’ command for the Tag in Responsive and Low Power mode.

Cheers, TDK

Hi, @leapslabs.

If you look at the first image, there is a tag called LS0101.
At this time, the response mode is turned off.

and, If you look at the second image, LS0101 is moving into a bunch of tags.
At this time, the response mode is turned on.

Best regards, Yhyun

excuse me? somebody help, plz.

plz, help me…

Is there any solution to this problem?
Then can you provide me with a code related to responsive mode?


What is the real position of the tag on the image LS0101 above ?

How do you turn on/off responsive mode ?


The real position of LS0101 is shown below image.
Turn on/off the responsive mode through the gateway command.