CIR_PWR sometimes read as zero


I am calculating the received signal power using 4.7.2 Estimating the receive signal power.

Some times my calculation is not working. I have noticed that CIR_PWR(reg:12:04 bits:31–16) Channel Impulse Response Power register value sometimes read as zero. what could be the reason?

Shijo Thomas

so do anyone solve this problem? I have encountered this too.

No response from decawave people itself…

No response from decawave

LDE microcode needs to be loaded even if timestamps are not used because diagnostics values are computed during LDE execution. If LDE is not loaded and running, dwt_readdiagnostics will return all 0 values.

Anyways, when receiver is finished, you should not do rx_reset() or reenable it again. If you do then the CIR memory will be cleared.