Communicating to Bridge Node with SPI

Hi :slight_smile:

I´m trying to comunicate with the Bridge Node using an Arduino. I saw in “Product_and_Design_Documents” -> “DWM1001_System_Overview.pdf” (page 13) that the Bridge Node comunicate with the Linux Host by SPI TLV, but there´s no TLV to get the informations that the bridge sends. How can i comunicate with the Bridge by SPI?

Hi Rarafa,

The interface with the bridge node is currently not documented, so there is no straightforward way to communicate with it.


Hey Yves_Bernard.

I was reading the “Dwm1001 Firmware API Guide” and i found the TLV command “dwm_backhaul_xfer”. What about it? Can i receive the datas from the Bridge node with this?


Well the issue is that the data to send with the dwm_backhaul_xfer api is not documented, making it not very useful.