Distance data is not displayed on the LCD screen of EVB board


We have EVK1000 kit. The DEMO code worked fine for us.

Meanwhile I have downloaded the EVK1000 source code of CubeMX version from Decawave site and built it using Atollic TrueStudio. I have integrated ST Link utility to Atollic IDE and flashed built code to one of the EVB1000 board which was working as ANCHOR.

Flashing was successful and I got all the display messages on LCD screen as expected but the instantaneous and average distance values are not displayed (Attached image for reference as below EVB100_LCD_error.png)

I have also debugged and checked whether the Range_result is calculating as expected or not. I was able to see the exact distance as calculated as shown in the TAG side. But I am not sure why the data is not displayed on LCD. Generic Sprint API is not working as expected.
as in EVB100_lCD_debugInfo.png

You flashed the SW onto one of the boards…

I suggest you load teh SW on both boards as the other board may still have version 3.05 loaded (from the factory).

So make sure SW on both boards are identical . The is also a cubeMX 3.11.bin file already available in the package you downloaded , so you could use that one also

I have followed your suggestion to load the SW onto other board as well. But I am facing some strange issue where both boards are stuck.
Anchor is stuck @ AWAITING POLL
Tag is stuck @ RANGING WITH xxxxxxxx

But If I flash the cubeMX 3.11.bin file given in the package, boards are working fine.

Is there any settings to do in Atollic for CubeMX project? But I see the CubeMX project is sussesfully imported into Atollic and code is built successfully.