DW3000 ex_02h_simple_rx_pdoa

Does anybody know why the PDoA value output by this sample code which is provided by DecaWave is inaccurate? I put my Tag in front of my anchor and the PDoA result is between -20deg to 20deg.

Hard to answer: which HW and antennae on both sides are you using?

Hi alliv, I use DW3000 CSP Rev.3 and the antennas are showed in picture below.

hm… I do not see DW3000 CSP here. On the photo, I see a DW1000 based Beta PDoA Kit… Anyway, the node is giving you complete raw results. You can post-process these results, say press the “average” filter button, or you can apply your own algorithms on the USB-VCom output. The most difficult part of PDoA is the antennae.

Thanks for the information! I will try to figure it out.