DW3220 PDOA inaccurate,Large drift

Hello,I used dwm3000 as the pdoa tag and made a pdoa node with dw3220 by meself,Refer to dw1000 pdoa kit for PCB antenna design.As shown in the figure.
I use dw3000_ API_ C0_ rev4p0 “ex_01h_ simple_ tx_ Pdoa” and “ex_ 02h_ simple_ rx_ Pdoa” code test, the data output is not ideal, the angle drift is large, and the angle output jumps at ± 30 degrees when the tag(DWM3000) does not move. Do you have any good suggestions?Thanks.

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Not resolved yet

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It depends on signal group delay of two antennas. Basically, a time deviation of 1ps will lead to an angle deviation of 2 degrees.

most-likely your AoA antenna is not good. looks you tried to “copy” it from another Decawave design, but they have a special stack-up if you did not follow, it would not work. I would recommend to cut this PCB, solder SMA and connect the original AoA antenna for understandings.

hi alliv,
Thanks,I changed the antenna,but The problem remains.any other idea?

Thanks,I changed the antenna,but The problem remains.any other idea?

Has your problem been resolved?

Not yet. Do you have a good idea ?

What is the distance between antennas? Recommended value is 0.45 x wavelength for the desired channel center frequency to cover 180 degrees.
Did you calibrate antenna delays and PDoA offsets? Please check APS312 Production Tests for DW3000-Based Products on Qorvo Website.

Hi, petersun
How did you get the DWM3220 IC

The datasheet for this antenna shows a stub region at the top of the evaluation board. For a 2 antenna array those stubs should probably not be connected, it looks like they are in your photo. You can try cutting the strip at the top like so:

hi, Matthias,Thank you. I’ll try.

mouser or digikey