DWM1001-Dev tag with EVB1000 anchors


I’ve got a DWM1001-dev board which I am hoping to use with a Rasp-Pi to log position estimate. I’m doing some preliminary testing with the board and the VM environment, using minicom to display estimated position of the DWM. I only have one of these DWM1001-Dev boards, but a number of EVB1000’s (I have the Trek1000 kit).

Is there anyway to use these EVB1000s as anchors with DWM1001 as tag connected to Raspberry Pi?


No. The SW in DMW1001 does not work with SW in TREK/EVK. You need a minimum of 4 DWM1001s (1 tag and 3 anchors) if you wish to use on-board SW (TWR RTLS) and be able to estimate tag’s position.


Hi Zoran,

I’m in the same position as Ollie - I have one DWM1001-Dev board and 4 EVB1000’s from the TREK1000 kit.
How much work would it be to port the EVB1000 RTLS SW to the DWM1000 Dev board. I understand that they use different MCU’s.


It should not be too difficult.
As you know you’ll need to port the SPI and have a timer (1ms ticktimer) , and then add IRQ and event handlers. Also for the tags you need to be able to wakeup DW from DEEPSLEEP.
You’ll need to change TDMA timings (TWR ranging rate, response times) as Nordic’s SPI rate is lower than STM’s (TREK)