DWM1001 PANS Release 2

Other than the addition of the IoT/Gateway functions, what changes were made in Release 2? Is there a change log?

If I do not use IoT data or Gateway functions, is there any benefit to updating to Release 2?

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Hi cwallace,

Yes there are many benefits. We don’t have a detailed change log but the main advantages other than the gateway:

  • 30 anchors seat in the super-frame, greatly improving scalability
  • network co-existence
  • AES encryption of UWB packets
  • Compliant with regulation rules (this is not true with R1)
  • Fixing multiple software bugs.

I would strongly recommend any user to use R2 regardless of their requirement of the gateway feature.

Thank you,

Has anyone tried to build dwm-simple under ubuntu with the new PANS v2 build process?
I get this error in the build log:

Building ‘dwm-simple’ from solution ‘dwm-simple’ in configuration ‘dwm1001_configuration’
1> Compiling ‘dwm-simple.c’
1> dwm-simple.c:115:19: warning: unused variable ‘pos’ [-Wunused-variable]
1> dwm_pos_t pos;
1> ^~~
1> Linking ‘dwm-simple_fw2.elf’
1> arm-none-eabi-gcc: error: /home/bm/DWM1001_DWM1001-DEV_MDEK1001_Sources_and_Docs_v9/DWM1001/Source_Code/DWM1001_on_board_package/DWM1001_on_board_package_R2.0/dwm/examples/dwm-simple/output/compiler/*.o: No such file or directory
Build failed

There is a dwm-simple.o in that folder which is odd. But what is more suspicious is that the bundle came with a capitalized “Output” folder rather than “output”… seems like the kind of thing that would work under windows but not linux :frowning:
I’ve tried renaming Output to output but get the same error. Looking at the old eclipse process didnt give me any insights as it seems quite different than the new segger ide.
Thanks for any help

Hello kenneth,

Im not able discover(DRTLS manager app) the DWM1001 module after flashing “DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex”.

Am I missing any configuration ? I have tested with 3 different mobile phones. Same errorerr

The error in the app shows as follow:
.680: [FA:A0:BF:D2:F5:5F] problem while decoding Node statistics characteristic (0eb2bc59-baf1-4c1c-8535-8a0204c69de5), expecting multiplication of 8 bytes, remaining 60 instead, errorCode 10: GATT_REPRESENTATIONcom.decawave.argomanager.exception.GattCharacteristicDecodeException: problem while decoding Node statistics characteristic (0eb2bc59-baf1-4c1c-8535-8a0204c69de5), expecting multiplication of 8 bytes, remaining 60

Did you update the apk?

OOps… Its fixed by R2 app. Thanks Kenneth.

Hi Brock,
For some reason the compiler is not understanding the the * as a wildcard.
As a workaround we did the following, and it worked for us:

In the ‘Project Explorer’ pane of SES, right click on the Solution and select ‘Options…’
In the Code/External Build section is the Link Command. You will need to edit a part in the middle of this.
Find the snippet that says:
and edit it to say:
Leaving all the rest of the command as it is.

Hope it helps,

Perfect! Works great, thank you @Ryan for the patch.

Now I’m up to the step of creating the hex file… the documentation is very windows-centric (.bat file in a utilities folder with some .exe’s there too).
Does anyone have directions for how to make a hex file under linux?

@Kenneth_Dwyer_DW, is my problem that the build process just isnt supported outside Windows, and that I should move to a windows machine to build my code? Since the earlier virtual box had ubuntu as the OS, I just assumed linux would be supported, but maybe that’s my problem. In any case, is there a plan to release an update with full linux support in the future?
Thanks -Brock

it’s possible to configure the raspberry proxy-server-host over HTTPS?
In /etc/dwm1001/dwm1001-proxy.config it can only change the server_host and server_port.
I need to use mqtt over TLS with X.509 self-signed certificates.


Hi Marco,

see this post to understand a bit the data chain:

Have you tried to configure the DWM Daemon and DWM Proxy to use the MQTT over TLS ports?
Please see the configuration in files

TLS can be enabled in the Mosquitto Broker configuration file:

I have not tried that but it should work.


can you please share the link?


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Are there plans to release the RPi Gateway code or at least documentation so that people can port gateway functionality to their own platforms?

Hi Team,

Is it possible to customize the ‘mqtt_topic_prefix’ parameter?

If I go to change it, all requests on “topic uplink” work well with the new prefix. If I perform a downlink (i.e. downlink data iot) through the web interface, the data does not arrive and is not even logged in the proxy_log on the raspberry. It seems that the proxy daemon does not interpret topics other than “dwm/node/+/downlink/+” structure.
It’s possible? Is it possible to work around this problem?


Hi Luca,

thanks for the feedback. It’s a bug in the DWM Daemon.
The source code is not available yet but it might change (I do not know if and when).


yes some documentations or source codes would be really appreciated.

Is there a plan to open pans’s source code.

Is it possible to get distance from anchor with DWM1001 PANS Release 2?

Hi team,

I found a workaround to the problem. I configured the Mosquitto Bridge section which allows me to remap the topics as I want.

I have another question. In release 1 it was possible to have Proximity data (No RTLS) with a system with 1 anchor and 1 tag.
Is it possible to have this information over MQTT with release 2?


Hi Rome,

The range must be sent in the uplink data within the user-app. There is an example provided in the release package.

You may need to modify it a bit so it works only with 1 tag, 1 initiator, 1 gateway.