DWM1001c UART shell/generic problem, gateway

I have some problem with UART on DWM1001c PANS2. I communicate with dwm via UART but. I have some question/problem:

  1. When I upload dwm1001_dwm-simple.hex i can communicate in SHELL mode but can’t in generic mode. I send eg. dwm_gpio_cfg_output(DWM_GPIO_IDX_13, 1) ,on RX I get nothing neither output don’t set.
  2. So I add dwm_serial_uart_compile() and upload. I can communicate in generic mode but when try to enter SHELL mode i get in hex 0x40 0x01 0x01 ( @ SOH SOH). This also occure when i upload DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex. So I can use GENERIC or SHELL mode depends of what i upload to nRF. This is my main problem. Maybe somebody have similar problem?
  3. Is it some an example of bit configuration for a structure dwm_cfg_anchor to get Gateway/Bridge ? I should set bridge=1 and uwb_mode=ACTIVE ? Can it be uwb_mode=PASSIV ?
  4. Any command to get status of bluetooth and turn it on/off (SHELL) ?
  5. It is possible to turn on SFDLED ?


When saying Generic mode you probably refer to the UART API mode. That’s because the dwm-simple program does not compile UART API. You need to add dwm_serial_uart_compile.

That is correct behavior. You need to double enter within 1 s to switch from the UART API to Shell. To switch back you can use ‘quit’ command.

Any node with uwb_mode=PASSIVE behaves as a Listener. Using dwm_cfg_anchor you can switch to bridge mode by setting a flag. Please refer to the API documentation.

There is no such command.

I am not sure what do you mean with SFDLED, but it is possible to enable/disable usage of the TX/RX and RGB LEDS on the DWM1001-DEV. When disabled, the DWM1001 will not drive those GPIOs.