DWM3000 specifications

Hallo everybody,

is it possible to get information about the upcoming DWM3000 modules, especially about the Pdoa modules? Will an MCU be built in? Bluetooth etc.?


I am also interested in this question.

Any information about the dwm3000 ?

Hola! soy nuevo en el foro necesito también información sobre el DWM3000.
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We are working hard on a wide range of DW3000 based modules. Since we are still testing and validating the modules, we don’t know which modules will make it to the market so I can’t share a lot of details or promise anything.

The modules that will be released first won’t have a built in MCU, but we do have modules with built in MCU on the roadmap. AFAIK we plan to have a offering that is similar to what we have for the DW1000 + some PDoA variants, but this could change.



good to hear.

can you also comment on if the dw3000 IC will be made availabe in order to produce custom boards ?

Since this is our primary business, i think it’s safe to say we will have the ICs themselves available on the market :slight_smile:

However, I’m afraid I can’t comment on what versions will be released and if/what distributors will be used. Since we recently got acquired by Qorvo, a lot of our distribution process is being changed to be brought in line with how they are handling things.

When DW3000 will be released? Do you have product brief?