How to connect DWM1001-DEV to Arduino?


Is there any tutorial about how to connect DWM1001-DEV to an Arduino UNO board?


hi, anyone has an idea?


using UART communication.

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I have the DWM1001C, is it really blank?


Is there an example of the hardwaae connection and software?

I’m trying to connect it to an Arduino Mega or Nano.

I don’t know if the Arduino have a baudrate of 115200, but if have you send comands (lep, lec…), such as you do with the terminal.

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Hi, I’m just using an Arduino DUE to communicate with two DWM1001-dev and send data to a PC.
If you use a MEGA then use the voltage divider to drive the input line.
Solder a wire to J14 and connect it to the RX input of any serial port of MEGA
Unsolder J15, clean the area of the jumper and connect a peace of wire th the jumper section connected to the DWM1000 module. Connect this wire (via voltage divider if using a 5V Arduino) to the TX of the Arduino serial port .
Just so easy but not documented before ;-))
Have fun, good luck.

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Hi Esperanto,
I am a little confused.
Why we don’t directly connect the Rx, Tx and Gnd Pins of the (3,3V)- Arduino directly to the Tx, Rx and Gnd Pins of the DWM1001-Dev board, which are located on the 26-pin Module IO-Header (the Raspberry Pi compatible header).


My answer appears to be lost. I’ll try again.
The reason is that you cannot connect two drivers in parallel onto the Rx pin of the DWM1001. One will drive the line in the opposite direction. So you need to isolate the line coming from the USB/serial converter using the provided joints.
Conversely you can have two listeners on the TX (from DWM1001) line and both will receive the same information.
That way you can also monitor wath happens using the standard USB connection.
Hope to be clear enough.

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Hi Esperanto,
Thank you for the answer.
Yes I agree with you. Sending at the same time would not work. The Tx signals will overlap.
I connected the DWM1001-dev (original) to my computer in parallel by using an USB cable and a serial/USB cable. I opened two Terminals (Hterm).
Both connections work without problems, I can send commands from any Terminal (not at the same time) and I receive the response (same information) in both Terminals.