Integrating DWS3000 with nRF52840 DK with BLE stack enabled


I am trying to integrate DWS3000 (UWB) APIs, given here to nRF52840 with BLE stack enabled such that my firmware can have the softdevice on at the same time when UWB ranging is performed.

Is there already any working done on this? I’m facing issues with the interrupt priority as I try to integrate the two, the code gets stuck.

Any leads/help would be much appreciated.

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Very interested if anyone was successful with this.
The example code uses lots of “delay” statements that are verboten when working with a SoftDevice (BLE Stack). Is there a code example that does something more intelligent, like use a task manager?

Reworking the example SPI driver to use task manager is a pretty major stir of the code.

Seems there are more than IRQ priority issues. Hard fault’s abound.