Is this DWM1001c configuration possible?


I would like to discuss the following configuration.

For a project i would like to mount 4 anchors on a driving trolley. A person is holding a tag by hand. In this case the tag can calculate his position xyz based on the fixed anchors on the trolley, calculate the distance and send this to a electrical wheel which drives the trolley to the tag based on distance and angle.

For this i have bought the MDEK1001 kit, mounted 4 anchors on a ‘trolley’ and made a handheld tag. I have configured the devices in a network using the app. And got successful readings.

My problem and question is how to improve the given position results. I have a interval of 200ms in the tag which sends his data through uart using lec command. This gives many NaN position results and thus bad practice.
In a normal configuration the tag is moving between the tags. in my config the tag is always outside the tags area. (hope this makes any sense). Is this the reason for bad pos calculation?
The 4 anchors are mounted on the trolley in a rectangle from 800 x 400mm and the tag is moving in a circle with a diameter from 0-4000 mm around the trolley.

If this bad result from the dwm_loc_get function is because of tag is moving outside of the anchor rectangle i would like to know if there is a different approach to do this?

Many thanks for any feedback!