MDEK1001 Development Kit problem after update the firmware of RTLS units

After updated the new firmware to some of RTLS units, I can’t detect them in the DRTLS application (Decawave DRTLS Manager) but the units that using old firmware (FW1:0x01010500/0x37A439E0, FW2:0x01010501/0xF83EE8A1) still working. I don’t know how to deal with this problem. Thanks for any help or solution.

Sometimes doing module reset using SW1 button helps out. Try this.


I have try that and the problem not solve.
Thanks for your help

I try to factory the firmware for each device and now the DRTLS can find the device.

HI Gjrray1996,
I’m a beginner with DWM1001 and i have the same problem. Could you please tell me specific how can I factory the firmware. thx


The DRTLS application is the android application, right ?
Do you install the new APK ?
If not, you need to install the new APK on your smartphone. You will able to see the module with the new firmware.

When you go to Settings menu in the application, the version must be 14.