Only ranging between tags, not positioning: is it possible?

I am trying to make a web of sensors where each sensor can estimate the distance from the others, and then trigger if the distance becomes less than a threshold. In that case the couple of sensors that pass the limit have to trigger simultaneously.
Is the DWM1000 suitable for such a task?

In other words, I would use a configuration with only tags and no anchors. Can tags comunicate with each other and measure the distance between each of them (not positioning, just ranging) without anchors?


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You can take a look on this repo:

Go to examples ex_05* DS-TWR for double sided two way ranging, or ex_06* SS-TWR for single-sided two-way ranging.

The examples are hard coded to get the distance only between two previous knew devices. You need to make some modification to deal with many devices.

Particularly, I’m studying this repo now, and I’ll try to develop exactly this.

Very interesting! I will studying it. Thank you for the suggestion.

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@FrancescoBonato Hi. I was just wondering if you ever got the code from the link above to work? If so, did you need to overcome any major bugs? Thanks.

'I was looking for the same thing, did anyone success the ranging?