Tag power consumption when out of range + short presence time

We want a use the dwm1001 in a specific localization scenario.
The tag is configured with a very low update rate. Almost the time the tag is out of range of the anchors (outside of the positioning system).
The tag have to be localized only when it enters the positioning system area (usually once a week). After a presence time between 1sec and 3s the tag leaves the area again.
My questions are:
Do the tag power consumption change if the tag is out of range of the anchors?
Can the tag find its position in such short presence time?

Many Thanks

Hi Nori,

in short, this cannot be achieved with PANS if you run in low power mode.

In PANS, the lowest power consumption can be achieved when the Tag has Low Power mode enabled (i.e. Responsive mode = 0).

When the Tag is out of the range of the network, it will give up seeking for the network and go to deep sleep. Once a time it will wake up and check if there is any network available. The sleep period between seeking will increase until 60s. So if the Tag enters the network for only for 1-3s, then there is high chance it will not know about that.

Network seek is done via BT if it is enabled. Once detected it will switch on the UWB which consumes more energy. If the BT is not enabled, it will always use UWB for seeking.