TTK 1000 distance measurement between Tag and Anchors


I am working with the TTK 1000 Toolkit which uses the TDoA positioning and i would like to know if it is possible to get the distance measurement between the Tag and the Anchors? I have found out that on the TWR Positioning there is a software stack which called PANS and it has an API which calculates this distance. Does any similar stack for TDoA exist? Furthermore, is it possible to acquire somehow the calculated data from the Location Engine in order to develop a distance measurement algorithm? Thanks

Hi Stratos,

I’ve answered directly to you by email. With FULL TTK1000 version, you have access to controller API to get the location information which are computed by the CLE engine, once sync Anchors gathered all blinking info from TAG ( TDoA scheme): you won’t access this location info directly on the anchors, but rather on the Central Location Engine. through API.
Hope it helps.