TTK1000 - DW1000 based TDoA Toolkit

The TDoA Toolkit (TTK1000) is a complete development platform for a TDoA (Time Difference of Arrival) RTLS solution. The current TTK1000 kit includes:

  • Hardware kit with 10 TDoA anchors and 20 DWM1001-DEV based tags
  • Design files Altium CAD, schematics and Gerber files
  • All source code, Anchor and Tag embedded firmware and PC code for the central location engine in particular
  • The TTK1000 system includes UWB wireless clock synchronisation IP.
  • A royalty-free user’s license for the use of the above IP for volume production and mass deployment.

The TTK1000 should not be considered as a turnkey RTLS system, but as a development foundation for customers who wish to make their own TDoA products and systems: It typically reduces the R&D time from an average of 3 years down to 1 year (exact figures depend on the resources and expertise you have available with respect to networking and radio).

The TTK1000 price is $25,000.

If you are interested, contact