Downlink and Uplink over SPI in bridge mode


Reading all the docs available and searching in this forum I know that the uplink and downlink messages are done with the dwm_backhaul_xfer (pg 93 of Firmware guide pdf) spi function.

The main question is how the data is structured in that messagens, both uplink and downlink. (e.g.) What I have to write in downlink sequece to change the update rate of a specific tag?

There are a lot of similar unanswered posts in this forum. My hope is that someone who recently made some reverse engineering on RPI+DWM communication could share his/her findings.

Since there is no official documentation how to properly use this function, is there any chance of Decawave/Qorvo releasing some of these information? Or since leapslabs has now its own solutions, no update will be released? At least for now.

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Felipe Arnhold

Hi Arnold,

I’m sorry but this is not part of the documentation and it is not supported for now.

Sending the downlink is quite a complex task, encoding of uplink and downlink is not enough, there are other things that are needed to deliver the downlink to the node in the UWB network, you need to send the downlink at exact time and place it in exact seat etc. in order to reach the node successfuly. For that you need to tract all the nodes in the networks and keep information about them etc.


Hi leapslabs

This makes total sense. Thank you for the explanation.

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