How to use LM35 temperature Sensor with DWM1001


Dear Decawave developers,

How do I use the LM35 temperature sensor with DWM1001 TAG and publish the value to Web-Manager?
I read the documentation (DWM1001 Firmware API & / User Guide),
but it’s still unclear to me,
by using C API for user applications, it seems that it is only able to show values / data to TeraTerm, but I need to send this data (UPLINK) to the web-manager,

I am confused by the many terms: shell command (not suitable for mobile tag. right?) - udi / uui /,
User Code C Application - dwm_i2c_read, dwm_gpio_cfg_output / input, dwm_usr_data_write
which one is the best suit? which combination should I choose?
could you share more complete steps, please?

thank you so much in advance,

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Hi Madrin,

You will need to create a user application and recompile a new image.

To help you start there are a couple of examples in the firmware download package in this directory: DWM1001_DWM1001DEV_MDEK1001 Design Package/V9/DWM1001/Source_Code

I assume it will be SPI interface?




Hi Dwyer,

right now I use only GPIO_13 as the input signal, not SPI, but the sensor is not final yet, maybe can be changed later.

yes, I should try the examples and try to learn from it first,

thank you,